Essential Oils and Massage Therapy

Body Work combined with essential oils is great combination for a health and wellness plan, In this article we discuss the benefits of this combination.

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Massage Therapy and Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Massage Therapy

Using essential oils goes beyond just aromatherapy. Essential oils can provide your clients with added pain relieving benefits when applied appropriately. There is much to learn about using essential oils for the relief of pain and a basic understanding of what essential oils work best for each physical cause and pain is important. There are two types of essential oils that are of the most benefit to massage patients: analgesics and anti-inflammatory.

The Benefits of Essential Oils and Massage Therapy

Combining essential oils and massage therapy can see almost instant results when applied properly. Although some essential oils can make a change to a person’s mental and physical health by simply inhaling them, when essential oils are applied through massage to assist in easing pain the combination of  oils and manipulation using massage has also been shown to have immediate results on muscle tissue. Effective relief from musculoskeletal pain can also be achieved with the use of essential oils containing natural analgesics and anti-inflammatory properties as well as anti-rheumatic and detoxifying capabilities.

Blends and Preparation

Although each essential oil has pain reducing properties on their own, it is not uncommon to create special blends of essential oils to increase the effectiveness. Essential oils are added to a carrier oil to dilute the scent as well as to allow for effective application during treatments. For inflamed or painful joints a blend of Chamomile, Marjoram, Rosemary and Turmeric works well.  When working with strained muscles and back pain you can blend together Lavender, Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Helichrysum.

At Hearts for Health we have years of experience in using essential oils. We know that each person has a unique response to the use of essential oils, and therefor it is necessary to spend the time to talk and get and clear understanding of each individual needs and objectives.


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