Incorporating massage therapy into your training and/or competition schedule

Incorporating this multi-disciplinary approach can create a stronger and more effective treatment plan resulting in the best possible outcome of clients achieving their health, fitness, and performance goals..

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No matter what discipline you participate or compete in, whether it is Bodybuilding, Weightlifting or Marathoning, they all should be approached with a detailed training plan, divided into training periods, and rest periods (de-load), this is called a periodized training plan.

On a graph this type of training would look like someone taking two or three steps forward and one step back. The step back is sometimes referred to as a‘rest week’, ‘recovery week’ or a “de-load”.  

What this means is training intensity will build and then it will decrease slightly for one week. During this time of reduced activity/intensity your body is given the opportunity to repair itself, and mentally recover from that intense training that occurred in the preceding weeks.

This recovery week would be an opportune time to make an appointment to see your massage therapist. Here is why:

1)You are training less that week and thus have more time to allocate to recovery activities.

2) You will not be trying to juggle your massage appointment around tougher,high intensity workouts.

Breaking down scar tissue to increase range of motion

Massage performed with the goal of breaking down scar tissue and augmenting range of motion in the limbs, can be useful to correct faulty biomechanics patterns and mobility issues.  In these treatments, modalities such as,Active Release Technique and Fascial Stretching are utilized to removed and realign any restrictions that may be found in the tissue, often impeding performance, and often leading to injury. Such treatments can be included within the weeks of intense training, in a goal to help augment performance and/or prevent injury.

Working in tandem with other health professionals

Here at Hearts for, Tammie Martinez, LMT works in tandem with doctors, chiropractors and other caregivers to assess clients and construct treatment plans following an auto accident or to help manage chronic pain. She offers educated assessments to determine functional flexibility,stability, strength, endurance.

Client self-care is important to any successful rehabilitation program and incorporating strengthening and increased range of motion techniques that can be performed at home creates a stronger, healthier more efficient program.


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