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True Massage is: Mind, Body and Spirit Rejuvenation.

Experience the full benefit of a professional massage.

At Hearts for Health our primary focus is on providing a wholistic approach to wellness. We incorporate todays leading massage techniques to give our customers the best health outcomes available.

My name is Tammie LS Martinez. I am a LMT-Licensed Massage Therapist. I am the founder/owner of  Hearts For Health.

As a graduate of Western Career College with over 700 hours of
principles and techniques of massage and a card-carrying member of  the California Massage Therapy Council ( #10351) you can be assured that the service you receive from Hearts For health will be of the highest caliber.

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About Us

Our approach integrates various types  of massage therapy.

At Hearts For Health.biz we pride ourselves in putting our clients first.  Over the years we have seen and experienced the life-changing benefits of massage. You can be assured that the service you receive from us will be the best that can be offered. Our core principals are:


We offer flexible appointment times, a comfortable location and professional Massage Therapists to customize the perfect massage.


Our commitment to quality is a top priority. We utilize the latest approaches to mind, body and spirit health, all to help you be the best you possible.


Stress is a major factor in almost every form of human illness. Massage Therapy is a powerful weapon in the battle against everyday stress and it's effects on the mind, body and spirit.

About Us

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Our facility is designed to give you quality massage experience. Body Work Knowledge and Customer Satisfaction are our core values.

About Us

Ask About Our Infrared Sauna

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Experience the benefits of a sauna without the effects of high heat temperatures.

If the high temperatures of a traditional sauna are just too much for you to handle, an infrared sauna offers the benefits of a traditional sauna without the extreme heat.

We believe that all health and wellness solutions begin and end with you, our valued customers. To learn more about the do's and don't of sauna's, contact us.

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